Sonata Arctica – Tonight I Dance Alone chords

Tonight I Dance Alone
by Sonata Arctica

Tabbed by George Frank

Bonus track from "Stones Grow Her Name".
This is not 100% correct, but should be a good guide for further corrections.

Capo 4 for the same key as the recording.


Am G F Fsus2 F C  G
F  C  Dm  E Am

Am G F Fsus2 Sometimes we find things we're not looking for
Fsus2 C Gand we lose the sense of reason
Am G F Fsus2 Sometimes we lose what we are caring for
Fsus2 C Gand then face the day without them
F C Dm E AmMy life, my home, my you
Am G F Fsus2Sometimes we fail to say how hurt we are
Fsus2 C GWhen the word we fear speaks treason
Am G F Fsus2Don´t wanna be there when my Cupid dies
Fsus2 C Gfrom a wound by his own arrow
F C Dm E AmHere's to life, my home, my you...
C F G I raise a glass 'n drown my sorrow
E Am C F when I´m on my own
G I dry my eyes on a shoulder
E Am C F but it´s not my own
G E Am C I cannot hold you, my tears are made of stone
F G E F C Dm E Am I feel a tap on my shoulder, but tonight I dance alone..
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