Sondre Lerche - Human Hands chords

C GI've been talking to the wall and it's been answering me
Am EOh darling how I miss you
F CI'm just the mere shadow of my former selfishness
Dm7 GI crave the silhouette of your kiss
C GWith only the blue light of the TV on
Am ELip reading threats and false alarms
F CThere's a boy somewhere holding hands with himself
Dm7 GAnd a girl in a window on the Reeperbarn
F F#dim C EWhenever I put my foot in my mouth and you begin to doubt
Am DThat it's you that I'm dreaming about
Fm FDo I have to draw you a diagram?
F#dim C Dm AmAll I ever want is just to fall into your human hands
C GWith the kings and queens of the dance hall craze
Am ECheckmate in three moves in your heyday
F CBut the girls don't listen to your line anymore
Dm7 GNow you're part of someone else
C G AmOn the factory floor and you still say "Wheres the action?"
E FNow you manufacture happiness
C GAnd get sold on the cheap for someone's satisfaction
C GAll you toy soldiers and scaremongers
Am EAre you living in this world sometimes I wonder
F C Dm7 GIn between saying you've seen too much and saying you've seen it all
C GTighter and tighter I hold you tightly
AmYou know I love you more than slightly
C Dm7 GAlthough I've never said it like this before
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