Sondre Lerche – Like Lazenby chords

Left handed
Sondre Lerche - Like Lazenby
Couldn't seem to find any chords of this song on the web
So just thought of learning it myself and share
pretty sure it's close to 100% accurate - otherwise, I apologize (my first tabs)

Amaj7: 002120
B7: x212x2
A?: 5x4550
G?: 3x2340


E Amaj7 It's a travesty
F#m B7where do I begin?
G#m The ways in which
C#m I have behaved
F#m Am EI'm glad no one was keeping track of me
Amaj7 A? G#m G? Some of you may think that I regret some of my doing
F#m Am I'd do it all again if I had the chance
B7 E Amaj7Just Like Lazenby
G#m A?Can I do it over?
G#m A?Don't I get a second try?
G#m B7Every time I messed up my lines and stumbled
E Amaj7Just like Lazenby
*Repeats and that pretty much it. -Minerva17-
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