Sondre Lerche – Human Hands chords ver. 2

The previous transcription of this song seems to have been copied from the
Elvis Costello page at this site and simply transposed to start in C.
(Note the copied mispelling of "Reeperbahn" as "Reeperbarn".) Sondre's
version, however, starts in E. Here is an accurate transcription, where the
chord changes better follow the rhythm of the song.

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Song title:      Human Hands
Original Album:	 Imperial Bedroom (Elvis Costello)
Other Album:     Dan In Real Life (Soundtrack) (Sondre Lerche)

Words and Music by Elvis Costello
Copyright © 1982 Columbia Records
Published by 

Transcribed by Gavin Chart (

Sondre Lerche recorded a cover-version of this song for the soundtrack to the
film "Dan In Real Life".

E BI've been talking to the wall and it's been answering me
C#m G# Oh darling how I miss you
A E F#mI'm just the mere shadow of my former selfishness
B7I crave the silhouette of your kiss
E BWith only the blue light of the TV on
C#m G# Lip-reading threats and false alarms
A EThere's a boy somewhere holding hands with himself
F#m B7And a girl in a window on the Reeperbahn
A Bbdim E C#m Whenever I put my foot in my mouth and you begin to doubt
F#That it's you that I'm dreaming about
Am ADo I have to draw you a diagram?
Bbdim E F#m C#mAll I ever want is just to fall into your human hands
[play a flanged B7sus4 and E11 as follows:] V - downstrum A - upstrum
B7sus4 E11 V A V A V A V A|--2-/--2-/---2-/--2-/--||--5-/--5-/---5-/--3-/--||--2-/--2-/---2-/--1-/--||--4-/--4-/---4-/--2-/--||--2-/--2-/---2-/--0-/--||--2-/--2-/---2-/--0-/--|
E BWith the kings and queens of the dance hall craze
C#m G# Checkmate in three moves in your heyday
A E F#mBut the girls don't listen to your lines anymore
B7Now you're part of someone else
E B C#mOn the factory floor and you still say "Where's the action?"
G# ANow you manufacture happiness
E F#m B7And get sold on the cheap for someone's satisfaction
[repeat CHORUS] [repeat "flange"] VERSE:
E BAll you toy soldiers and scaremongers
C#m G#Are you living in this world sometimes I wonder
A E F#m B7In between saying you've seen too much and saying you've seen it all before
E BTighter and tighter I hold you tightly
C#m G# A You know I love you more than slightly
E F#m B7Although I've never said it like this before
[repeat CHORUS]
Bbdim E F#m C#mAll I ever want is just to fall into your human hands
[repeat "flange"] [end] CHORDS: E 022100 B x24442 C#m x46654 G# 466544 A x02220 or 577655 F#m 242222 B7 x2120x Bbdim x4535x Am x02210
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