Sondre Lerche – Suffused With Love chords

Suffused with love
       -tabbed by Totto Strand

Chords used:
C:        x32010
Em/B:     x22000
Gm/Bb:    x1x333
A:        x02220
Dm:       xx0231
Dm/C:     x3x231
Dm/B:     x2x231
Bbm:      x13321
F:        133211
Fm/G#:    433111
G:        320033
G/B:      x20033
Am:       x02210
Am/G:     3x2210

C Em/BI heard him yell something
Gm/BbIt shouldn't be this bad
A DmHe's spitting as he says "Hi", I catch fire
Dm/CSo fortunate for you
Dm/BYou were free to choose
BbmThat's not enough to keep me from yelling
She shivers at her desk As he yells "12 PM" But no one's running late They're all airheads Cause he is on the move And these virgins talk about groove And make it sound so credible
F Fm/G# GOh tonight's suffused with love
C G/B Am Am/GDon't spend all your time
Dm Dm/C GIt's only hit and run
C G/B Am Am/GWhy spend all your time
Dm Dm/C G Bbmmaking someone else's dream?
You always meet these girls Penetrating eyes And tentatively I require names But he is on their minds Young, lost occupied time vanishes, unfortunately Can I have learned eyes? I knew you'd hesitate I pictured this "unfortunately, no We haven't got the time for he is in our minds" Just about enough to keep me on the outside Is tonight suffused with love? Don't spend all your time It's only hit and run Why spend all your time making someone else's dream?
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