Songs Of Trees – All We Are Is History chords

All We Are Is History by Songs Of Trees

Bm     - X24432
Em - 022000Emadd9 - 022002
Em/G - 002003 F#m - 244222 E7 - 020100 Intro ===== A, E, F#m, D A, E, F#m, D E, E7 Verse =====
Bm D Em - Emadd9 - EmI open up my eyes to see,
Bm D Em - Emadd9 - Em/GYou open up your arms to me.
Lift ====
AAnd I can feel from the way you hold me,
D E7That your somewhere else,
AYou're leafing through my pages,
D ELeaving me up on the shelf
Pre Chorus ==========
F#m EHow long will this go on,
F#m E7Before you leave.
Chorus ======
A EWe squander invaluable time,
F#mDrifting on a cloudy sea,
A EAnd ponder the nursery rhyme,
F#mFeeling like/that we might be free,
E F#mEyes wide open never to see,
DNo future,
AAll we are is history.
Verse2 ====== I open up a heart for sale, But open up the door as well. Lift2 ===== And if you leave please just leave, And don't pretend that it's just you. I'm finishing this chapter, So I can start a new. How long will this go on, 'Till I'm alone. Chorus2 ======= We squander invaluable time, Thinking that we hold the key, Foolishly, And wander, through life in design, Dressed up like a Christmas tree, Shamelessly, The tragedy, the comedy, No future, All we are is history. Songs Of Trees are signed to Sounds Unique Records:
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