Songs Ohia - Just Be Simple chords

Just Be Simple Ė Songs:Ohia 

Capo on fret 2. 
Chord progression is just basically: 
C, G, Am, F. 

Youíll never hear me [C]talk about 
One day [G]getting out 
Why put a [Am]new address 
On the the [F]same old loneliness[G] 

Everybody knows [C]where that is 
We built that [G]house of his 
And when [Am]heís not home 
someone else [F]we know always is[G] 

If Heavenís really [C]coming back 
I hope it has a [G]heart attack 
When they see how [Am]dangerous 
It is for [F]guys like [G]that 

And the night has [C]always known 
When its [G]time to get going 
When its [Am]really been so long 
[F]that it starts [G]showing 

Itís always [C]had that ghost 
[G]It always almost tells me 
[Am]the secret[F] [G] 

how thereís really no [C]difference 
in who [G]he was once and who 
[Am]heís become[F] [G] 

I think heís been [C]lettin' me win 
And I [G]think heís doing it again 
[Am]Thanks for letting me win[F] [G] 

And everything you [C]hated me for 
[G]Honey, there [Am]was so much [F]more 
I just didnít get [C]busted 
[G] [Am] [F] 

[G]I ainít looking for that [Dm]easy way [G]out 
This [Dm]whole life its been a[G]bout 
[Dm]Trying trying try[G]ing 
[Dm]Trying trying [G]try 

To be simple a[C]gain.[G] 
Just be simple [Am]again.[F] [G] 
Just be simple [C]again.
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