Sonic Boom Six - Sound Of A Revolution chords


OK this is the first song I ever worked out myself, I think I've got it more or less 
but corrections are very welcome.

FmThere was a boy that I knew at school
C#never one to break any rules,
Fmnever many friends cos
C#he wasn't exactly cool
Fmtreated like a fool to be fair
C#never scored at footy so the other kids did not care.
FmJust a nerd, till heard them on the Word
C#screaming "fuck you I won't do what you tell me".
Went and brought the tape the next day, within a week got all the words in his memory. Jealous kids say "he's a cliche", but man a-changing from the music that the band play. Walk the corridor with boots and his head shaved, bully get him pissed, swing a fist and the boy say "fuck you I won't do what you tell me". horn line for guitar (single notes): F G C# | C C# C C# | F G G# C | C# G# This is the sound of a revolution. They've come to take away all your uncertainty and insecurities and spell an end to this confusion. [not to sure about this, I just improvise around the horn line] CHORUS
Fm C#Blown out of your mind;
Fm C#leaving the old life behind
Fm G# Bbin a song. This is where I belong for tonight.
C# C C# C F And so the kid's alright now, ring in his nose and rudeboy is a sight now. Scallys well want to bottle him other half cut their hair and want to follow him digging on the style of the bands that he borrowing, running round the park and the playground hollering "fuck you I won't do what you tell me". Isn't it strange the change of one tune? How the place in the space can trace to one tune... How the grey of the day can fade when one tune put the colour in his life like Manga cartoons. 1-2 mic check Saturday afternoon having it large in the garage as they run through "fuck you I won't do what you tell me". SOLO this is the main phrase, you can work out the varitations or create your own
[continue to solo, ideally hit this bit with a high pitch bend to F] So hear the sound of a revolution as it accompany this new reality and sing along with this conclusion.
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