Sonic Syndicate - Burn This City Acoustic chords version 1


C Are we alive?
Am Because I heard a rumor
FThat day we died was yesterday
G So are we rotting now?
GCan't find our graves?
C Well they created a lie
AmBuilt out of structure and routine by robots
F GBut this night we're taking the virus to them
CBurn this city to let them know were here
AmBurn this city to reinstall the fear
FHow can I sleep when you pull focus
GRight before my eyes
C AmStill they fin another way to put a different gun to our heads
GAnd so I take a breath there's plenty time to sleep when I'm dead
Is this the only way it's ever gonna be?
FRight before my eyes
Note: Just repeat the chords to complete the song. THIS SONG SHOULD BE PLAYED WITH BARE CHORDS!
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