Sonic Youth - Peace Attack tab

No-one has tabbed this song yet in standard tuning (If your lazy like me and can't be 
to tune to whatever they do) so it had to be done. This is not 100% correct its only the 
guitar part, I think theres about 3 guitars layering other parts.


Bm/G    - 3X0432 (I use my thumb for the bass note)
Cmaj7   - X32000
Bb      - X1333X
G       - 320033


Bm/G x4
Cmaj7 x4


Bm/G x1
Bb x1
G x1
Bb x1
Cmaj7 x1
Bb x1
Bm/G x2


3 Feb 03 peace
Peace attack
Early book whistling
Whistling earth
Whistling earth day off
Nature sex
Nature sex yawn winking

Of the great
Of the great anti-hate
Springtime is wartime
All eyes to the crimeboss
Electric guitar string
Belly flowers

Hope this is useful?
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