Sonic Youth – Androgeneous Mind tab

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Androgeneous Mind TAB
BY sonic youth

X=mute the strings(rake)

this one riff goes through the whole song!

"Androgynous Mind" (Thurston) Hey sad angel walks And he talks like a girl Out trying to think Why it stinks he's not a girl Now he's kicked in the gut They fucked him up - just enough Got me down on my knees I kiss his ring God is love Androgynous mind.... Hey hey are you gay Are you God My brain's a bomb To turn you on Everything is all right God is gay And you were right Androgynous mind... Hey hey it's ok..... God said it's all right foryou to fight to free yr mind Whose side are you on Like a bomb Tr free tonite Androgynous mind... Hey hey it's ok.....
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