Sonic Youth - Malibu Gas Station tab

Artist: Sonic Youth
Album: The Eternal
Song: Malibu Gas Station
Tuning: C C E B G D
6th string is tuned down 2 steps
5th string is tuned up 1 1/2 steps
4th string is tuned up 1 step
3rd string is tuned up 2 steps
2nd string is tuned down 2 steps
1st string is tuned down 2 steps

If this sucks, keep in mind this is my fist tab! So forgive me if it's bad, especially 
this is a whacked-out tuning!

BTW, you will need to improv. on the 1st string at times, so here are notes to improv. on:
1st string-0-1-3-5-7-9-10-12-13-15-17-19-21-22-24

I know Sonic Youth is atonal and doesn't follow key; however, they might sometimes 
key only in some parts of a few of their songs.

Intro: (on occasions add these patterns in, too)-------15--- -------17--- -------19---|---15---15-- ---15---15-- ---15---15--|--15-15--15- --15-15--15- --15-15--15-|-15--------- -15--------- -15---------|------------ ------------ ------------|------------ ------------ ------------|
Verse: (California magic...)-5-8-11-8-|-5-8-11-8-|-5-8-11-8-|-5-8-11-8-|-5-8-11-8-|-5-8-11-8-|
Chorus: (Come on do it...)----------------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------|-0-0-10-0-10-12-0-0-10-0-10-12-0-0-10-0-10-12-13-13-13-13-14-14-14-14-|-0-0-10-0-10-12-0-0-10-0-10-12-0-0-10-0-10-12-14-14-14-14-13-13-13-13-|
Jam:Mainly the improv. I said at the beginning, but sometimes add this in:----15-|---15--|--15---|-15----|-------|-------|
Bridge: (you can still improv. or do this:)-5-6-8-5-3-3----0----0-|-5-6-8-5-3-3----0---0--|-------------------4---|------------------4----|--------------0--------|--------------0--------|
Interlude:---any note up here----any note up here---------------------|--------------------|-0------------------|-0------------------|
Gradually get more random with the pair of notes up top NOISE: Whatever goes. Oh ya, lotsa distortion!
Order: Intro Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Solo Bridge Verse Chorus Solo Bridge Interlude NOISE! Verse Outro
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