Sonic Youth - Kill Yr Idols tab

Kill Yr. Idols tab

This has quite an odd tune setting which is quite hard to work out:
Use the 4th string on normal tuning to tune to G, the 3rd string to tune to D
and the top string to tune to Eb and G. 


G |--0-0---------------0-0-------------|Eb |--0-0---------------0-0-------------|D |--0-0---5-5---5-5---0-0---6--^--6--^|D |--0-0---5-5---5-5---0-0-------------|G |--0-0---------------0-0-------------|G |--0-0---------------0-0-------------|
G |--0-0---------------0-0--|Eb |--0-0---------------0-0--|D |--0-0---1-1---1-1---0-0--|D |--0-0---1-1---1-1---0-0--|G |--0-0---------------0-0--|G |--0-0---------------0-0--|
Improvise the noise grunge part BASS PART: Intro/Verse/Chorus:
D |------------------------------------------|D |------------------------------------------|G |-------------------3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3--------|G |--0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-------------------------|
Noise solo:
D |--------------------------------------|D |--------------------------------------|G |--4---4---4---4---4---4---4---4-------|G |--------------------------------------|
[getting increasingly faster/louder with the drumbeat] By Luke, visit to see my band, "Inertia"
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