Sonic Youth - Mary Christ tab

Kay this is my first tab but i was messing around and discovered how to play this so 

Standard Tuning, well ik sonic youth used very weird tuning but almost all their songs 
can play in standard

Main Riff/Verse-----------------------------|-----------------------------|-----------------------------|-88--11--13------------------|-88--11--13------------------|-66--9---11------------------|
Variation---------------------------------------|---------------------------------------|---------------------------------------|-888--1111-13--------------------------|-888- 1111-13--------------------------|-666--9-9--11--------------------------|
Riff 2---------------------------------------|---------------------------------------|---------------------------------------|-13----13-17-13-11---------------------|-13----13-17-13-11---------------------|-11(x3)11-15-11-9----------------------|
well thats basically it, all those chords are right so the only problem might be the order or something, the rest of the thing is improvization.
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