Sonic Youth - Cotton Crown tab

Cotton Crown
Sister (1987)

Main riff:Eb------------------------------------------------------|Eb------------------------------------------------------|D -----9-10-12--12-12-12-10-9-10---14-14-14-------------|D -----9-10-12--12-12-12-10-9-10---14-14-14-------------|G ---0--------------------------------------------------|G ---0--------------------------------------------------|
Bridge: (just chords, no strumming shown)Eb--------------------------|Eb--------------------------| The fourth (last) time you playD --5---12---10---8---------| this riff instead of playing 8D --5---12---10---8---------| play 10 and bend it.G --5-----------------------|G --5-----------------------|
I think I may confuse you with the next part. Play riff A first, then riff B, then riff A, then barre at the 5th fret (like at the start ofthe start of the above riff) listen to CD and it should make sense.
Riff A Riff BEb--------------------|---------------------------------|Eb--------------------|---------------------------------|D --------7--9--7--0--|----9---11--9--7-----------------|D --------7--9--7--0--|----9---11--9--7-----------------|G --0--7--------------|---------------------------------|G --0--7--------------|---------------------------------|
Then strum the open D strings for a while before playing: just chordsEb---------------------|Eb---------------------|D ---10-----8----------|D ---10-----8----------|G ---------------------|G ---------------------|
Then play the part with riff A and B before starting the main riff again. At the end of the song the music just fades away.
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