Sonicflood - Dear Lord tab

Dear Lord
Artist: SonicFlood
Copyright 2001 Magnificat Music ASCAP
Tabbed by HawaiianRyan -

SonicFlood plays this with a capo on the first fret... at least I'm pretty
sure the acoustic does.  I've seen a lot of requests for this song, and I'm
pretty sure you want the riff in the first chord of the song... so I've
included it in.  Any questions/comments/corrections?  e-mail me at

Capo 1

Intro: C Am Em F C Am Em F C Am Em F C F C F Chorus: C F Am G C F Am G Dm7add2 C Am Em F C Am Em F C F C F (Chorus) Dm7add2 C/E F G Am Em Dm F C F Am G C F Am G (Chorus) Dm7add2 Chords: C: 332010 C/E: 032010 Am: 002210 Em: 022000 F: 133211 or F2: 133010 G: 320033 or Gsus: 320013 Dm7add2: X00210 -TRANSFERED BY ASA GASTON- official link:
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