Sonics – Youve Got Your Head tab

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According to an interview with Sonics guitarist Larry Parypa (_Here 'Tis_
#3, reprinted in #7), this ace rant was inspired by the Nashville Teens'
'Tobacco Road':

                  "You've Got Your Head On Backwards"
                             (Gerry Roslie)


	[8X; harmonica and band enter on first F5]

F5 G v v v v v -------------------------|-----| -3-----3-----------------|-----| 5b7---5b7---r5-3---------|/4---| -----------------3-------|/5---| -----------------3-------|/5---| -----------------1-------|/3---| ^^^ 1 only ^^^^
Verse 1 (continue w/intro riff): You got your head on backwards, baby, you don't know where you're at Got your head on backwards, baby, watch out or you'll fall flat Yeah, instead of sayin' "hi" to the people that you meet [N.C.] You oughta say "goodbye" as you're walkin' down the street Chorus: C7 You got your head on backwards, baby G7 And you're gonna hit the ground, yeah D7 Well, when you finally fall down, baby C7 G7 D7 I don't want to be around [harmonica solo over intro riff, 6X] Verse 2: Well, people been askin' me what's wrong with you Uh, they can't understand all them crazy things you do I got something to say and I'm sayin' it out loud You better shape up, baby, and get down off of your cloud [repeat chorus] [harmonica solo over intro riff, 8X] Verse 3: Well, you sure look funny, girl, you're sure lookin' strange You can't stay this way, no, you just gotta change The way you're walkin', talkin', it ain't lookin' right The way that you been actin' is too far out of sight Coda (rant to fade over intro riff): Yeah, baby, you got your head on backwards... yeah You don't know what's happenin', uh-uh Man, you're wrong... you're dead wrong, you know why 'Cause your head's on backwards... -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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