Sonny And Cher - Cowboys Work Is Never Done chords

Cm GRide...I used to jump my horse and ride
CmI had a six-gun at my side
GI was so handsome women cried
CmAnd I got shot but I never died
Cm GI could play if I'd do everything he'd say
CmGirls seemed to just get in his way
GThose days we weren't considered fun
CmA cowboy's work is never done
Fm A# CmHe'd fight crime all the time, he'd always win
G CmTill his mom would break it up and call him in
Fm A# CmHe was tough, he was hard, but he was fine
G CmAnd he was slow 'cause guys like him were hard to find
Cm GRide...I'd like to ride again someday
CmI think I still know how to play
GI play games now but it's not fun
CmA cowboy's work is never done
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