Sons And Daughters - Dance Me In tab

Title: Dance Me In
Artist: Sons and Daughters
Album: The Repulsion Box

Instrument: 6 String Guitar

Tabbed by: Ben Crawford (

Tuning: Standard (E A D G B E)

Note that this is my first tab! So if its completely off, don't blame me!

Intro x1 | Verse x2 | x8 | x8 x4 x4 |E|----------------|----xxxx----xxxx|----xxxx----xxxx|----xxxx----xxxx||B|----------------|----xxxx----xxxx|----xxxx----xxxx|----xxxx----xxxx||G|----------------|----xxxx----xxxx|----xxxx----xxxx|5-5-xxxx5-5-xxxx||D|-5---55--555----|5-5-xxxx5-5-xxxx|3-3-xxxx3-3-xxxx|5-5-xxxx5-5-xxxx||A|-5---55--555----|5-5-xxxx5-5-xxxx|3-3-xxxx3-3-xxxx|3-3-xxxx3-3-xxxx||E|-3---33--333----|3-3-xxxx3-3-xxxx|1-1-xxxx1-1-xxxx|----xxxx----xxxx||
| Chorus | x4 x4 x4E|----------------|----xxxx----xxxx|----xxxx----xxxx|B|----------------|----xxxx----xxxx|----xxxx----xxxx|G|----------------|----xxxx----xxxx|5-5-xxxx5-5-xxxx|D|5555555555555555|3-3-xxxx3-3-xxxx|5-5-xxxx5-5-xxxx| A|5555555555555555|1-3-xxxx3-3-xxxx|3-3-xxxx3-3-xxxx|E|3333333333333333|1-3-xxxx1-1-xxxx|----xxxx----xxxx|
| Bridge x4E|----------------||B|----------------||G|----------------||D|5555555555555555||A|5555555555555555||E|3333333333333333||
Order: Intro x1 Verse x2 Chorus x1 Verse x1 Chorus x1 Bridge x1 Verse x1 Chorus x2 Bridge x1
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