Sons And Daughters - Poor Company tab

The entire song is the same 3 chords repeating: Bmin, D, F#m
I recommend playing without a pick, using harsh thumbstrokes. I cannot decide whether
chords used are full or power chords. I think probably power chords but both are tabbed
for your playing pleasure. Just listen to the song to get the rhythm and play them in 
below progression constantly.

      Bmin  D       F#m        B5              D5             F#5

E    2        2        2       x                x                x
B    3        3        2       x                x                x
G    4        2        2       4                7                x
D    4        0        4       4                7                4
A    2        x        4       2                5                4
E    x        x        2       x                x                2

There are some bits played on mandolin (probably) in the background. The tab:

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