Sons Of Bill – Makin It Through The Night tab

Making it Through the Night
Sons of Bill-From "Far Cry"

Capo 4th Fret

D                              G
Life it seems to keep on driftin'
D                             G
In steady steps of nine to five
D                              G
And you were out looking for redemtion
G/Em                       G            A
From a past you couldn't seem to leave behind

D                                      G
And through the smoke filled mist between us
D                          G
And with that neon moon above
D                          G
A lonely heart and cheap liquor
G/Em                      G                A
Sometimes is the closest thing you have to love

D                      G/Em
And be my honkey tonk angel
       G                  D
And I'll be your rollin' stone
D                    G/Em
Be my fast lane to nowhere
            G                     D
I'll be the road that leads you home

And we'll both hold each other thinkin'
Heads spinnin' from the drinkin'
          G/Em                          A
That this ain't no way to live this life
G                                        G/Em
And the hardest part of livin', yeah the hardest part of livin'
G               A            D
Is makin' it through the night

-A may be Asus at points, G/Em may just be Em, but i dont think so

Tis a bit rough and maybe a bit wrong, but it gives you a good enough idea to sing and 
which should suffice.
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