Sons Of Korah - Shop Lifter tab

Band- Sons of Korah
Song- Shop Lifter
Tuning- Standard

this song is amazing, i love this band! please rate

bass plays a little bit... then:

intro:e------------------| end on: |---|b------------------| |---|g--------555--222--| |---|d-55555--555--222--| x4 |-5-| a-55555--333--000--| |-5-|E-33333------------| |-3-|
^ the bass plays some weird stuff, so during the first set of G5's it might sound like he slides up a little, but he doesnt its just the bass.
verse:e---------------------------|b---------------------------|g--------------9999--7777---|d--5555--7777--9999--7777---| x 8a--5555--7777--7777--5555---|E--3333--5555---------------|PM**************************
chorus:e------------------| b------------------| g--------555--222--| d-55555--555--222--| x4 (end on G5 again) a-55555--333--000--| E-33333------------|
the bridge is mostly bass as far as i can tell. you can occasionally strume---| b---| g-9-| d-9-| a-7-| E---|if you want, it pops up every once in a while.
here's the song structure: intro verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus thats it. questions, problems,comments, complaints, angers, etc. email me at thanks.
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