Sophie Madeleine – You Win Again - Ukulele chords

 This is for a soprano c Ukulele     
DI couldn't figure why
F#mYou couldn't give me what everybody needs
Bm F#mI shouldn't let you kick me when I'm down
Em7 A My ba-by
EmI find out everybody know that
A You've been using me
Em7I'm surprised you
A7Let me stay around you
DOne day I'm gonna lift the cover
F#m And look inside your heart
BmWe gotta level before we go
Gm7And tear this love apart
DThere's no fight you can't fight
G A D This battle of love with me
BmYou win again
So little time
Em7 A We do nothing but compete
D There's no life on earth
G A D No other could see me through
BmYou win again
Some never try
Em7 ABut if anybody can, we can
You know And I'll be, I'll be
D C GI'll be Following you
D C GI'll be Following you
F#mI shake you from now on
Bm I'm gonna break down your defenses
F#mOne by one
Bm I'm gonna hit you from all sides
Em7 Lay your fortress open wide
A G Nobody stops this body from
F#m Taking you
DYou better beware, I swear
F#mI'm gonna be there one day when you fall
BmI could never let you cast aside
Gm7The greatest love of all
(Repeat Chorus)
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