Sophie Zelmani - September Tears tab

Artist: Sophie Zelmani
Song: September Tears
Album: Love Affair

Capo 1st
Time signature: 3/4

      A                                               D
There ain't so many people that really could make you cry
          A                                             D
And there ain't too many things that really reach you inside
        A                                  D
When it happens it feels like we all wanna die 
    A                                      D
The best time for answers might be when we cry

          D             A              D
Aren't we really really living when we cry
                        A               D
Aren't we really really feeling when we cry

A                                               D
People might say they don't pray but still they hope
   A                                             D
We hope though we don't believe or when we don't cope
Then we die with the hope


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