Soraya – Suddently tab

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Transcription by martin l. lobemeier (

This song was written by Soraya in 1993 and published on her first album on nights like this (1996), 
by Rod Argent and Peter Van Hooke.
I put the mandolin's melody to guitar-tabulature.
The bars above the notation stand for approximate major beats.
By the way... can't figure it out what the guitar really plays during the chorus - somebody ask Mitch 
(the player on the cd!!) Play it anyway like this:

SUDDENLY  (Soraya)

verse: (repeat almost endlessly)

|f#m |E |A |e---------------------------------|B-----------------02---2----0-2-0-|G-2-----2-4-----4----2------------|D-----4-------6-------------------|A---4-------7-----0---------------|E-2-------4-----------------------|
f#m E A a thousand eyes looking at me f#m E A but yours is the look that goes right through me and i f#m E A cannot hide from your stare f#m E A should i let you in - do i dare f#m E A some other hands have tried before f#m E A but yours is the touch that makes me want more f#m E A cannot hide the urgency f#m E A to have you lying here with me because Chorus A E D(add9) suddenly in my life A E D(add9) there's something that's got me mystified and i A E D(add9) A E D(add9) cannot fight it but i can try to keep the wonder of it alive a thousand words have tried to say but yours are the ones that'll never fade away and i cannot hide from their sound i am mesmerized spinning round and round and some other hearts have tried to steal mine yours is the one that i now hold dear i'll do what it takes to keep you here i'm a selfish fool but i have no fear Chorus
Mandolin-Solo: (those underlined play with mandolin-effect)| | | |e------------------------------------------------|B-17-17-17-17-15-14-15-14----14---------17-17-17-|G-------------------------15----16-14------------|D------------------------------------------------|A------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------|
| | | | | | | |e---------------------------------------------------------------|B-17-15-14-15-17-14----------------------------14----14-15------|G---------------------------------14-16-14-16----16-------16-14-|D----------------------------14-16------------------------------|A---------------------------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------------------------|
| | | |e-------------------------16-17------------------|B-17-17-17-17-15-14-15---------------------------|G----------------------16------------------------|D------------------------------------------------|A------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------|
a thousand times i've tried to stay alone by pushing you away time after time and tear after tear i find myself back her with you a thousand visions have come to me all promising serenity as i struggle to find the source of this peace i always end up with your kiss 2x Chorus Solo ad lib.
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