Sorry About The Fire - Tune The Heartstrings tab

Artist: Sorry About the Fire
Song: Tune the Heartstrings
Tabber: DriveToNowhere
Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

Here’s a great short love song by yet another great band that broke up. If
you aren’t very good at guitar but want to impress a girl, here you go. I 
tried to place the chords as close to the right spot in the lyrics as I
could. If you listen to the song you’ll get it. Enjoy.

Chords: C#m E2 A E F#e|--4----7---5--0--2--|B|--5----9---5--0--2--|G|--6----9---6--1--3--|D|--6----9---7--2--4--|A|--4----7---7--2--4--|E|--x----x---5--0--2--|
Intro: C#m – E2 – A – E – F# - A – E X2 C#m E2 A E A rose to bring and a song to sing F# A E Anything to win her over C#m E2 Think of what to say, yeah A E F# A E I’d say anything to win her over F# A E w/ riff Anything to win her over.
| / slide up | ~ sustain That’s it. It should be 100% correct, but feel free to email or comment if you find a problem.
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