Soul Asylum – Bittersweetheart tab

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Date: Fri, 29 Sep 95 16:34:22 0500
From: Bryan Pero 

Soul Asylum
>From "Let Your Dim Light Shine"
Transcribed by Bryan Pero (


For the intro Dave Pirner pounds out an A chord.  Then Dave
repeats the intro riff while Dan Murphy (Gtr.2) strums the A
chord once and lets it sustain through Dave's little stop-time
riff.  It looks like this:

Gtr.1 (Intro Riff)E--------------------------|B--x--2---2-2---2--2--2-2--|G--x--2---2-2---2--2--2-2--| repeatD--x--2---2-2---2--2--2-2--|A--------------------------|E--------------------------|
Gtr. 2(played right before Dave repeats intro riff)
Okay, for the verses, just strum the chord once, then pick it out going from the high E string up, like an upstroke, only pick out the notes. And just listen to the album for the rythym of the electric distorted parts and anything else that?s hard to understand here. Verse I A(clean electric) D Why you always wanna get the best of me, I'm like a seeing eye dog and I E Can't even see, They're naked and they're followin' my master who's A (distortion on) blind and my mind's gone to pieces I could use some peace of mind A D So I picked up the pieces and I made a new start stole an old stiletto E started stabbin' in the dark and I can't live without it I would A surely fall apart, but it's hard to make arrangements round a bittersweetheart Chorus: D E Bittersweetheart, Bittersweetheart A D D E Better get yourself a little street smart bittersweetheart sad but true A D E(palm mute) It's a bittersweetheart that's a hard heart to cure (with chorus riff) A D E A D E It's just my bittersweetheart, bittersweetheaaaaart, bittersweetheart Verse II: A It's like a suicide mission when you can't see no end D tired of compliment fishin' and impressin' your friends E I never kissed no one just to kiss and tell A It's a little bit of heaven and a whole lotta hell A In the eye of the beholder is a beautiful start D but you always seem to end up with a bittersweetheart E there's a darkness loomin' but the sun is shining bright A I can live to see the morning if I stay up all night Chorus: D E Bittersweetheart, bittersweetheart A D without a shortcut without a headstart D E A Bittersweetheart sad but true it's a bittersweetheart D E(p.m.) A that's a hard heart to cure, my bittersweetheart (w/chourus riff) D E A D E It's the hardest part, bittersweetheart Bridge: D E Are you in there are you beating A D Beating me up until I'm bleeding D E D E How much blood can you spare? Chorus: D E Bittersweetheart, bittersweetheart A D Think just a drink might get you to the good part D E lyin'in bed just wonderin' what to do A D E(p.m.) It's a bittersweetheart that's a hard heart to cure Play Intro riff, then: With Intro riff: In time inside you find you always wind up with a bitterweetheart Then play Chorus riffs and Outro riff. Repeat and Fade. Chorus riffs: (Gtr.1 strum chords above tab)
A D EE----------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------|G-----------------------------------1-1--|D----------------------------4~-2~--2-2--|A--0--2--2-2--2--4~-0---0--0--------2-2--|E----------------------------------------|
A D EE----------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------------|G----------------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------------|A--0--2--2-2--2--2-2--2--4---4br-4-2-0-2--2~-0-2~-4--|E----------------------------------------------------| Outro Riff: (I?ve include the time on the CD to help youfollow the tab)
2:58 3:05 A| D E A|E---V------------------------------------------V-------------|B--------------------------7-7-------------------------------|G--------------------------7-7-------------------------------|D--------------------------5-5----------------------------7--|A--0--2--2-2--2-2--2-2-2-4--------------------5--7-7--7-9----|E------------------------------0--5--5-5--7-5----------------|
3:10 |
E----------V---------------------------------------------|B-----------------------14-------------------------------|G--7-------/14-14-14----14----7--------7-------7-7-------|Repeat and FadeD----9--7--/14-14-14----14----7----7---7---7---7-7----7--|A-------------------------------9--------9---------9-----|E--------------------14----------------------------------|
Also during the Outro, while Dan Murphy is playing the solo stuff, Dave Pirner, while playing his A and D chords, plays a D like this: D-007777- The rest of the chord forms are first position for Dave Pirner(Gtr.1) and power chords for Dan Murphy. Well, that?s it!! Send me any comments!!
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