Soul Asylum – Just Like Anyone tab

Soul Asylum "Just Like Anyone"
>From "Let Your Dim Light Shine"
Transcribed by Bryan Pero (

Okay, this is a pretty easy song.  There are two guitars playing at most 
times.  Gtr.1 (Dave Pirener) plays first position chords, while Gtr.2 
(Dan Murphy) plays barre chords. On the verses hit D chord once then 
palm mute it and strum.  Then, when you play G upstroke it once.  Just 
listen to the CD, you'll get it.

Verse I
D                                                             G
She walks into the outhouse, the cold night breathes into her face

D                                                                G 
The flies are standing still now, the moon it spills through the place

Chorus I
               C                   G          D       
And she starts wondering what it's like to be liked by everyone, and

    C         G      D                     C             G     
And like everyone be just like anyone, who just wants to be so

D                 D
Just like anyone, just like anyone

Verse II

D                                                                 G
She reaches through the darkness, her fingers touch the porcelain seat

D                                                                 G
She spins and pulls her pants down, the cold air holds her like a thief
Chorus II

               C                   G             D               
And she starts wondering what they mean, do they just mean to be mean

    C                  G              D                    
And thinking about the scene, do they just want to be seen

C          G        D                 D
Try not to seem so, Just like anyone, Just like anyone

Guitar Solo:
Gtr.1 strum chords about tab. I've included the time on the CD at 
certain points about the tab to help you follow. 

sbr-slow bend and release
br-bend and release
/\-slide up or down
^^^^^-exagerated vibrato
^-hammer-on or pull-off

B 1:15E--12sbr\---17br--14------------14-12--------------------B--15sbr\------------17-15~-----------15-12--------------G---------------------------16\-------------12br---------D------------------------------------------------12~\----A--------------------------------------------------------E--------------------------------------------------------
1:22 B D E C G DE--------------------10^7--------------------------B---------------------------10^7-------------------G--6^^^^^--9-7------------7------7--7--9-7-9br-7---D--------------9\----------------------------------A--------------------------------------------------E--------------------------------------------------
(This is also the Outro Riff) C G DE--10^7--------------------------B---------10^7-------------------G-------7------7--7--9-7-9br-7---D--------------------------------A--------------------------------E--------------------------------
Bridge: Bridge riff(played be Gtr.2)
D(w/bridge riff) G The door comes screeching open, she walks into the evening air D She disappears in the darkness all that's left is the faint smell G of her hair, she's done Chorus III (w/Outro Riff) C G D C G Wondering what it's like to be liked by everyone and like everyone D C G D be just like anyone and just wants to be so just like anyone C G D And wondering what they mean, do they just mean to be mean, C G D And thinking about the scene, do they just want to be seen C G D C G D Try not to seem so just like anyone (just like anyone) C G D D Just like anyone (just like anyone) Just like anyone D D Just like anyone, Just like anyone repeat and fade with end riff:
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