Soul Asylum - Die In Your Arms chords

Die In Your Arms
Soul Asylum
(Dave Pirner)

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From: Tone M

A simple enough song, apart from the string sections :) In the verse C, hammer on 
G to keep things interesting.


high F (8th fret for a couple of bars)


C F CMy dad must have been drinking the night I was conceived
CA flailing lost delirious sperm
F CA seaman lost at sea
F CBut someway, somehow I found you and the journey has been long
F CA troubled somber singer who had finally found a song
F CAnd I don't wanna do you no harm
F C F C F CYes I just wanna die in your arms
Verse The bitter fighting cold froze the waves within their tracks Trapped beneath the ice never to come back The skaters whirled, and twirled, and glided effortless in motion Laughing in their blissful dance upon the frozen ocean Instrumental F G Am F C G Am
GAm I the only one that this happens to
FDoes this mother know no other
G FWell my mother taught me enough about love to know you are my lover
Verse The ice cracked and crackled And from it steam would rise Her wings spread far and wide had whisked away the sky And though I cannot see her now I still look everyplace Washed upon the shore and saved by your humbling grace Chorus And I don't wanna do you no harm Yes, I just wanna die in your arms Instrumental F G Am F C G Am Intro high F
F C F C F CI just wanna die in your arms
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