Soul Asylum - I Will Still Be Laughing chords

I Will Still Be Laughing
Soul Asylum
(Dave Pirner)

Intro: A

A G Doorways open up and close D/F# F F G More ways to a punch line A G Their all laughing at your clothes D/F# F Standing in the lunch line A You're the talk of the town G First you're up then you're down D/F# Its a cycle I've found F It always comes around A G D/F# F But, I will still be laughing A G D/F# F Yes, I will still be laughing Air raids in the afternoon The children are playing Switchblades cutting red balloons No one hears you praying And it comes back to you All the things that you do They'll come looking for you They'll come looking for you But, I will still be laughing Yes, I will still be laughing Break: Am - C 4x
Am Ce---------------------------------------------|B--13~--12/13\12--10--8---5-------------------|G---------------------------------------------| x2D---------------------------------------------|A---------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------|
Am Ce----/12--10--8--7--7/8\7--5--3--0------------|B---------------------------------------------|G---------------------------------------------| x2D---------------------------------------------|A---------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------|
Doorways lead to other rooms Always leave you lying Face down in a strangers tomb Didn't know you were dying And you rise and you fall And you wait for the call Your watching the walls Your watching the walls But, I will still be laughing Yeah, I will still be laughing I will still be laughing Yes, I will still be laughing
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