Soul Asylum - New World chords version 1

 Soul Asylum
“New world”
"Grave Dancers Union" album


G__ 320033
Dadd9__ 032033
C__ x32010
Bm__ x24432
D7__ xx0212
Am7__ x02010
D__ xx0232
A__ x02220

G__Dadd9__G___ Dadd9___G___Dadd9  

G___________________Dadd9___G Lives in a little lonely town
Dadd9______G______Dadd9___________G_____________Dadd9No one's around, except for the drinking
G____________Dadd9_____GNobody ever gets____around
Dadd9__________G_________Dadd9_____G But those who leave the township sinking
________Bm__D7__________Am7__Am_Am7_Am___________DMay you rot______in heaven
_______Bm_____D7______Am7__Am_Am7__Am___________DGot to be home by seven
__________G_____D____Em____EmAnd the field burns away
_____C_____G________Am_____AmThe sky breathes it in
_____D__________GSo why sit and wait
_____C________G_____D____________G______Dadd9____G____Dadd9For the new world /STOP/_____to begin?
I'm coming out across your borders With new orders for you to take I'd really like to take out your daughter Down by the water, down by the lake BRIDGE: When the cold water's on her skin I can feel how long it's been CHORUS: And the neighbors will all be there And no one will know what to wear So why sit and wait
_____C________G_____D____________G______Dadd9____G____Dadd9For the new world /STOP/_____to begin?
G_____________Dadd9________GI got a lot___I got____to do
Dadd9__________G___Dadd9___________GJust to get through the end of the day
A___________________________It hardly ever even happens
______________D______________CBut I go to sleep the same anyway
CHORUS: And you can't believe in yourself You can't believe in anyone else So why sit and wait
_____C________G_____D____________G______Dadd9____G____Dadd9 For the new world /STOP/_____to begin?
G____Dadd9____G_____Dadd9 ………..and some natural harmonics for the end (a few times)
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