Soul Survivor – Giving You My All chords

Left handed
Verse 1:
A DUpon a cross the King of love He died
Amazing love
A DHe poured out blood for me from His own side
F#m AYou came as light for all to see
D Bm7The love You give eternally
F#m AI turn and give my all to You
D Bm7As my heart shouts out this song
AI'm giving You my all Lord Jesus
Bm7My all Lord Jesus
D AFor You have made a way
E A You broke every chain that held me
Bm7Now I dance freely
D AFor You have made a way
D A EI'm giving You my a-ll
Verse 2: Now all may know a grace that welcomes home He conquered death He's overcome all wrongs, He paid it all Bridge:
D EI'm giving You my all
A/C#I'm giving You my all
EAll I have is Yours
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