Soulfly – The Possibility Of Lifes Destruction tab

T1: Dominic Alessio,, Soulfly, The Possibility Of
 Life's Destruction, 1998 

 S1: A rare song off the limited edition re-release of Soulfly's debut
 album., "The Possibility Of Life's Destruction" by Soulfly 
 Off the limited edition re-release of their self titled debut album 
 Tabbed by Dom Alessio  

 Tune down to B (B E A D F# B) 

 / or \ - slide up or down 
 ~~ - vibrato 
 p - pull off 
 h - hammer on 
 b - bend 
 * - palm mute 
 trem. - tremelo pick 
 ^ - arpeggiate 


 Intro (noise "lotsa noise!") 


B|----------------------| F|----------------------| D|----------------------| A|-------5-5/8-8-8-8----| E|-7-7---3-3/6-6-6-6----| B|-5-5------------------|
B|-----------------------| F|-----------------------| D|-----------------------| A|-10-10-10-10-10-10-10--| E|-8--8--8--8--8--8--8---| B|-----------------------|
B|-21-trem.--22-21-22-trem.-------| F|--------------------------------| D|--------------------------------| A|--------------------------------| E|--------------------------------| B|--------------------------------|
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