Soulfly – Terrorist tab

Soulfly,  Terrorist.
Tabbed by Hayden Stirling,
Tuning- low to high BEADFB


E|--3-2-3--3-3-3-3---| B|--1-0-1--1-0-1-0---|
E|--2-4-3-2-3---| B|--0-2-1-0-1---|
this riff is at 0:30 between the 1st and second
verse- E|--3--| B|--1--| x2
there is also another riff at 1:48 that goes-
E|--2-2---2-2---2----2--------------| B|--0-0---0-0---0----0--------------|
let ring--------- then go into the chorus riff again listen to the album to get the timing for the above riff there is another fast riff at the end of the song where max and tom are yelling "rise rise above this bullsh*t..." etc. but i cant work it out i know its played higher up the neck though. also max used a bass amp for this song. enjoy the tab if you have any questions or corrections or u have worked out that last bit email me. :: Ultimate Guitar Archive ::
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