Sound Of Guns – The Leaning chords

I can't believe there's only 2 Sound Of Guns tabs on here, there amazing so im 
adding this tab because its one of my favorites off Angels And Enemies... please rate 
will upload the lyrics when i have them 

Intro & verse 1
B F# C#m x x9
B F# C#m A
B (7th fret) 
C#m (9th fret) 
E (7th fret)
A (5th fret) x4
Verse 2 B F# C#m x5 B F# C#m A Chorus Same as first Solo B C#m E A(x079xx) Chorus Same as first x2 end of B Its not an amazing tab but it should help if you won't to learn this song, it also sounds good on an acoustic
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