Soundgarden - Applebite tab

Applebite by Soundgarden
Written by Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam's Current Drummer)
From "Down on the Upside" Album

Standard Tuning

Intro - w/ slapback echo & studio effectse|---------|---------|----------|-----------|B|----5----|---------|----------|-----------|G|---------|----0----|----2-----|-----------|D|--3------|--2------|--0-------|-----------|A|---------|---------|----------|-----------|E|---------|---------|----------|-----------| Echo will sound after each 2nd note if delay time set right
Riff 1 - play 3xLet notes ring this time w/ reverb onlye|---------|--------|-----------|-----------|B|----5----|--------|-----------|-----------|G|---------|----0---|-----2-----|-----------|D|--3------|--2-----|---0-------|-----------|A|---------|--------|-----------|-----------|E|---------|--------|-----------|-----------|
Riff 2 - e|---------|--------|-----------|-----------|B|---------|--------|-----------|-----------|G|----4----|----0---|-----------|-----2-----|D|---------|--------|----3------|-----------|A|--4------|--3-----|--1--------|---0-------|E|---------|--------|-----------|-----------|
2nd time through Riff 1, the notes are doubled by a moog synth 2nd Time through Riff 2, distortion is added to one guitar while other is clean tone Towards end, riff 2 repeats several times Riff 1 plays 4x at end
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