Soundgarden – Boot Camp tab ver. 2

e: Mon, 11 May 1998 16:22:46 -0500
From: (Keith Barron)
Subject: s/soundgarden/

Song: Boot Camp
Album: Down On The Upside
Music/Lyrics: Cornell
Tuning: DADGBE

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This is a very easy and great song to play. The last guy who posted this was
correct on the chord progression but wrong about the chords themselves. I
used his progression to figure out how the song is really played. And I play
the notes how I think they are on the album. I have a pretty standard
pattern through the whole thing. It's in the key of D minor. Not E minor
like the previous posting said. The tuning isn't 100 percent necessary but
it makes the beginning of the verse sound really good if you hit that bottom
D note. And if you ACCIDENTALLY hit the bottom string it won't sound too bad

Intro and Verse:E|---------0---------||--0----0-----------||-0----0----------|B|------3----3--1----||--3------3--1------||-3------3--1-----|G|----2------------2-||o--------------2--o||--------------2--|D|-0-----------------||o----0------------o||----0------------|A|-0-----------------||-------------------||-----------------| D|-0-----------------||-------------------||-----------------|
E|-----------------|-----------------|----1---0-1-0-1-0-1-0-1--| B|-4--4---4-3-1-3--|-4--4---4-3-1-3--|-3--3---3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3--| G|-3--3------------|-1--1------------|-3--3--------------------| D|-5---------------|-1---------------|-------------------------| A|-----------------|-----------------|-------------------------| D|-----------------|-----------------|-------------------------|
Guitar 2 for Pre-Verse:E|----------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------|G|-9b10~~-10r9~-7~-7\5~-5/8~-8\7~-10\8~-8/10~-15/17-17~~~~--|D|----------------------------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------------|D|----------------------------------------------------------|
Play Verse Part: I must obey the rules I must be tame and cool No staring at the clouds I must stay on the ground In clusters of the mice The smoke is in our eyes Like babies on display Like angels in a cage I must be pure and true I must contain my views Play first 2 bars of Verse again: There must be something else There must be something good Play Chorus two times: Far away far away from here Far away far away from here Far away far away from here Far away far away from here Then end it by playing the first 4 bars of the Verse Part again and ending it on the Cmaj chord. Ending it on C major makes it sound much more moody than just ending on D minor (The song's key).
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