Soundgarden – Fresh Deadly Roses tab

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Greetings and salutations!  
This is a transcription of Soundgarden's Fresh Deadly Roses.  Its only 
available on some import my DJ roommate in college had, but it's a very 
cool song if you can find it (Ultramega OK??? I'm not sure).  Very simple 
guitar, but very cool.  The intro and verse are played with a bright, half-   
distorted guitar sound, letting the chords and intervals ring.  

Slides and hammerons are denoted by the underscores between notes on the 
TAB (a la ---9_10---- ).

Intro and verse:   

{ 2 times } s ( 4 times )1---------------------------------------------9------9---------8-----------2--5--------5----------4--------4---------------9------9---9-----8---8-----3----5-5-5----5-5-5------5-5-5-----5-5-5--5_6-----6------6---------5-------4--------------------------------------------------------------------------5--------------------------------------------------------------------------6-------------------------------------------------------------------------- { heavy vibrato }
Kim goes through that pattern a few times, and before the chorus he changes into this nifty little atonal type thing:
Change into chorus: h1--------8--------------8--------------8-----------------------------------2----8-----8---8----8-----8---8----8-----8---8----8------------------------ 3------5-----5--------5-----5--------5-----5--------5--5_7-----------------4--7--------------6--------------7--------------6----------6---------------5------------------------------------------------------------5-------------6--------------------------------------------------------------------------
The chorus is played with the Seattle super grunge mud-o-riffic beef sound.
Chorus: ( 4 times )1--------------------------------------------------------------------------2-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3-----------_7-------------------------------------------------------------4---------------6----------------------------------------------------------5--2--2-2-2-------5--------------------------------------------------------6--0--0-0-0----------------------------------------------------------------
This verse-chorus sequence is repeated twice. Then they go into the bridge, once again in that super-thud distortiom. It's just chords, here's the chart. Bridge: A G A G A G F# G D C D C D C B C / // / / // / / // / / // / / // / / // / / // / / // / Hope you can find this song, or someone can turn you on to it. It's a grunge classic. Scare the neighbors, Brian Smith
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