Soundgarden - Full On Kevins Mom tab

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Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 18:47:14 -0500
From: (Keith Barron)
Subject: s/soundgarden/

Song: Full On Kevin's Mom
Band: Soundgarden
Album: Louder Than Love
Tuning: DADGBE

A song about adolescence and such. Pretty crappy song but nobody else has
tabbed it. So I did.

Intro: Feedback with bass playing first bar of Intro Riff. Then guitar plays it.

Intro Riff:D|-------------------|-------------------|-----------------| A|-0-0-5p0-7p0-8-8-8-|-0-0-5p0-7p0-8-8-8-|-0-0-3b-0-0-/6---| D|-------------------|-------------------|-----------------|
Verse Riff A:G||------------------|--------------|--------------||D||o-----------------|--------------|-------------o||A||o--0-0-3b-0-/6----|-0-0-3b-0-0---|-0-0-3b-0-0--o||D||------------/6----|--------------|--------------||
Verse Riff B:D|-------------------|-------------------|-------------------| A|-0-0-5p0-7p0-8-8-8-|-0-0-5p0-7p0-8-8-8-|-0-0-5p0-7p0-8-8-8-| D|-------------------|-------------------|-------------------|
Pre-chorus Riff:E|------------------------------------------------------|B|--9--9--9--9--9--9---9---9--9--9--9---9---9--9--9--9--|G|-11b11b11b11b11b11b-11b-11b11b11b11b-11b-11b11b11b11b-|D|------------------------------------------------------|
After the SECOND pre-chorus only, the guitar plays this:E|------------------------------------------------|B|--7--7--7---7---7---7--7--7--7---7---7---7--7---|G|--9b-9b-9b--9b--9b--9b-9b-9b-9b--9b--9b--9b-9b--|D|------------------------------------------------|
End chorus with this and hold it while the bass plays the intro part again:D|-------------------|--------------------|A|-------------------|--------------------|D|-2---0---2---0--2--|-5---6~~~~----------|
I don't know the solo (it's improvised) or the part underneath it but that part is really easy to figure out. Lyrics: You don't get nothing for free Kev & me were two of three Three brothers to the end Then one went full on Kevin's mom Now things have changed Full on Kev's mom Full on Kev's mom Full on You don't get nothing for free And this one took the long way This one took the hard road I ain't saying who But it wasn't me Full on Kev's mom Full on Kev's mom Full on Full on Kev's mom Full on Kev's mom Full on We were three Kevin's mom made four (We don't come around anymore)
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