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Date: Sat, 6 Jan 1996 15:19:12 -0500 (EST)
From: david a piniella 
Subject: /s/soundgarden/

"hand of god" by soundgarden from the _fopp_ ep.
intro verse pt. 1 pt. 2 pt. 3e|-------------------------|--------------|----------------|-----------|B|----------------<7>------|----------0---|----------------|-----------|G|----------------<7>------|----------0---|----------------|-----------|D|----------------<7>------|----------0---|--7-------------|-----------|A|----------------<7>------|--------------|--7-------------|--------7--|E|-<77-777-77777>----------|-<77-7777>----|--5-<77-7777>---|--0--/3----| *
this part is all harmonics, play it through distortion and it'll sound great. just play it as if your hand wasn't strong enough to press down on the frets just right, you'll get very good artificial harmonics. the intro part is throughout the speech ("vanity of vanities..." verse pt 1 is played once or twice in the beginning of the verse, verse pt 2 is played throughout most of the verse, with a B chord sometimes substituted for the A chord (the A chord is marked with a *). verse pt 3 is used at the end of the verse and during the solo, right before the solo, it's doubled and harmonized a fourth up (same fret, next higher string) wailing guitar throughout the beginning:
e|--------------------------14-----------------------------|B|--19----19-19------19--12--------------------------------|G|-----16------16p14-----------14------12~~~~--etc, etc.---|D|--------------------------------12h14--------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------|
there's more, but that's all i really feel like sitting down and figuring out. lyrics: [now i would like, friends, this evening, we should stand there ] [with all other of gods creatures on the curtstone. and watch this] [march of time; let us take our stand with them. and as we ] [stand there i hear one of them whispering "he is a hebrew slave,"] [he said. "vanity of vanities, the whole thing is a vain charade; ] [it has no meaning." ] ooh the hand of god lays high above me oh he's so good if you really loved me make me feel your mighty crunch as you run me out like a wall defiled scepter [let it be known today that if you've got two hands you're supposed to pray] oooh the hand of god is stacked and callous bruised from stones and sticks the hand of god has got a ring about the size of texas maybe sleet steadied stones my fingers never smelled. [let it be turned to see if it fits ] [--stolen--whoa, then, ] [don't touch anything unholy with it!] [let it be known today that if you've got two hands you're supposed to pray] enjoy. -d. -- "negative d" and "-d." is david a. piniella, who speaks for himself. "Find myself singing the same songs every day/Ones that make me feel good when things behind a smile ain't OK." [Shannon Hoon/Blind Melon] "But I don't want to go among mad people," said Alice. "Oh you can't help that," replied the Cat. "We're all mad here." "There you go; stark raving sane." [Guildenstern]
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