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Subject: TAB: Seasons by Chris Cornell

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Subject: Re: REQ: SEASONS by Chris Cornell (PLEASE??!!)
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Daniel C. Glazer  wrote:
not me>I know there have been a few requests for this song off of the Singles
not me>soundtrack, but I haven't seen it yet, and I'm DYING to get it (I'm
not me>trying to impress a love interest :-) )
not me>
not me>If anyone's got it, please post it or email it along to:
not me>
not me>Daniel.C.Glazer@Dartmouth.EDU
not me>
not me>Thanks a lot in advance!!!
not me>
not me>Dan


yep, it's me. the same guy who took up a collection last winter to buy Chris 
Cornell a shirt. (because i haven't seen him wear one since Louder... came out
and he turned into a sex-god *pukes*)

All of you Soundgarden Newbies who jumped on the alternative bandwagon as soon
as you saw it on mtv, can suck my fucking dick! this is dedicated to you.

Seasons by Chris "i need a shirt" Cornell
on (yet another) shitty-movie soundtrack

tuning low to high

fig 1 fig 2 fig 3F--0----0-0-0-0-0--|--0-0-0-0-|--5/7-5-5-4-4-0-|--0--|C--0----0-0-0-0-0--|--0-0-0-0-|--0-0-0-0-0-0-0-|--0--|A--3-3\------------|--------0-|--------------0-|--3--|F--0----3-3-3/9-9\-|--4-4-4/7-|--5/7-5-5-4-4-0-|--0--|C--3-3\------------|--------0-|----------------|--3--|F-------3-3-3/9-9\-|--4-4-4/7-|----------------|-----|
fig 4 fig 5F------------------------------|-------------------------------|C-----0----0-----0-----0-------|-----0-----0-----0-------------|A----3----3-----3-----3--------|----3----3------3------3-------|F------------------------------|-------------------------------|C--0----2----------------------|--0----2-----------------------|F------------3-----3-----3p0-0-|-------------3-----2h3---2p0-0-|
he plays fig 4 then fig 5 twice then fig 4 again. (he doesn't follow this very strictly, but it gives you an idea)
as soon as the vocals start he plays: fig 6 fig 7F-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|C--0---0--2----2-----0-----0--------|--0---0--2----2------0-----0-------|A----3-------3-----3-----3----------|----3-------3------3-------3-------|F----------------3-----3------3p0-0-|-----------------3-----2/3---2p0-0-|C--0------2-------------------------|--0------2-------------------------|F----------------3-----3------3p0-0-|-----------------3-----2/3---2p0-0-|
he repeats figs 6&7 the same as 4&5
fig 8 fig 9 fig 9aF--------12-|--0-0-0--000-|---------------------------|C-----12----|--0-0-0--000-|-----0----0----0----0----0-|A--15-------|--0----------|----3----3----3----3----3--|F-----------|--7-9-11-555-|---------------------------|C-----------|--0----------|--0----2----4--------------|F-----------|--7-9-11-555-|-----------------5----5----|
fig 8 starts at 'sleepin with a full moon blanket' and continues through figs 9&9a (all are played together)
fig 10 fig 11F-----------------------|-----------0-----0-0-|C--000-2b---------------|---------3-------0-0-|A-----------------------|-----------------0-0-|F---------0h3b-3b-2p0-0-|--3bp0-0---0-3p0-0-0-|C--000-2b-0-0--0--0-0-0-|--0--0---3-------0-0-|F---------0h3b-3b-2p0-0-|--3bp0-0-----3p0-0-0-|
he gets rather sloppy here, so don't be afraid to hit open strings with figs 10 and 11. play fig 9&9a then fig 2 with fig 8. then play a bunch of shit then hit:
F-------| then a second guitar |----------------------------0--||C--<12>-| plays figs 4&5. when |------0----0----0----0----0-0--||A--<12>-| the vocal starts |----3-----3----3----3----3--0--||F--<12>-| play 6&7 then 9a |----------------------------0--||C--<12>-| then: |-------------0----0----0----0--||F-------| |--4-----4-------------------0--||
now you can quit yr whining! IF THIS IS POSTED ANYWHERE ELSE, PLEASE GIVE ME CREDIT thanks aka Sam Rowe -- just a guy made of dots and lines, -Sam OR Rain King in chains there's nowhere to go OR On my naming day when i come 12, i kilt a wyld boar. trubba not.
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