Soundgarden – Christi tab


Drop-D tuning.

G:-----------------------------------------|D:--0-0-0-0--------------------------------|A:--0-0-0-0--------------------------------|D:--0-0-0-0--------------------------------|Those funky sounds are just made by sliding your fingers up and down the A and high D strings in the higher frets. Just improvise, anything sounds fine.Verses:
G:-------------------------------------------|D:--0-0-0-0--4--3--0-0-0-0--4--3-------------|A:--0-0-0-0--4--3--0-0-0-0--4--3-------------|D:--0-0-0-0--4--3--0-0-0-0--4--3-------------|Repeat throughout the whole "Christi/tell me what i want to hear" sections.Choruses:
G:-----------------------------------------------------|D:--0-0-0-0--4--3--2--1--0-0-0-0--4--3--2--1-----------|A:--0-0-0-0--4--3--2--1--0-0-0-0--4--3--2--1-----------|D:--0-0-0-0--4--3--2--1--0-0-0-0--4--3--2--1-----------|The recording of the song is very loud on the vocal part, so it gets tough to hear the guitar work in the chorus and I have not toyed with the bridge break yet, although it won't vary much.From the chorus and verse fretting, as it sounds quite close to the both of those sections. I won't do the solo, cause I just can't. = )
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