Soundtrack Of Our Lives - In Your Vains tab

main riff intro+vers.intro: play this 2 times before the vers:(1 of 2)e------------------------------------------------------b------------------------------------------------------g-------------------0-------0-------0-------0----------d------------------5-------7-------2-------4-----------a-----------------7--7----9--9----3--3----5--5---------E------------------------------------------------------
(2 of 2)the second time: play this instead of C(3203) and D(5405)(or above whith a second guitar playing the main)(slide to the next tone- 7 to 5 to 4 at the g string)e-----------------------------------------b-----------------------------------------g-----------77-55-44----------------------d-------------------7-5-4-----------------a-----------------------------------------E-----------------------------------------
chorus: pic all the strings in the main chords: (listen by yourself and learn the right order.) C G Em D C x2 2:nd vers: play like above exept the second time intro stuff.. chorus.. the the bridge or outro or whatever you call it: "ohh O oh oOoo o" -you know what i mean.. it goes like this... Em C Em C G D Em D ... a few times...(dont know how many) .. i hope that it makes sense!! I have never made a tab before so i really hope that you`ll understand it!!! GOOD LUCK!!! PEACE/acus
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