Southborder - All I Want Is You Today tab

Artist: South Border
Song: All i want is you today (acoustic version)
Tabbed by: Joseph Francois El Sobresaliente de Aguillon Y Mendoza
Date: May 02, 2007

	“this is my first tab, but hopefully not the last…=j… wala kasi akong 
s net ng tab and chords nito eh, only few people knew this song… wala talaga 
acoustic version (ako lng gumawa..hehe)
kya I tried my best na makapa ung song na’to… it takes time and a big heart 
make this tab perfect… I really like this song, hope you would also like it!”

*Note: ung dash(-)it mins mgkadugtong ung chords…

Intro: Guitar1: G-C 2x Guitar2: e|-----7---------------7---------| B|--5----5-7-9~---5-5----5-7-9~--| G|-------------------------------| D|-------------------------------| A|-------------------------------| E|-------------------------------|
VERSE1: G C Some things never change G C Some things will remain G Em C Yet I always hope and pray G C That I could change the day G C And maybe find a way G Em C D To make you come to me and stay…… CHORUS 1 Bm Em Yesterday doesn't matter C D Tomorrow, we may not ever know G C Bm Em So listen to me now as I try to say Am D G-Em-C-D(pause) That all I want is you today VERSE2: G C If you only knew G C What you put me through G Em C You might not have gone away G C Have you ever felt G C Even for a while G Em C D Something's missin' in your life…… [Repeat CHORUS 1 except last 2 cordz] BRIDGE: (this is 1 step higher) Am D E That all I want is you today F#m E If you don't need me anymore, don't say it F#m A If you don't love me anymore, don't show it Bm Because this life I have is short C#m Bm D E C#m-Bm-D-E So maybe you could try for now to love me again
ADLIB: Guitar1: A-D 2x A-F#m-D-E Guitar2: e|-----9----------------9----------------9-----------7-9---9-7-| B|--7----7-9-11~---7-7----7-9-11~---7-7----7-9-11~-11----------| G|-------------------------------------------------------------| D|-------------------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------|
CHORUS 2 C#m F#m Yesterday doesn't matter D E Tomorrow, I just might be gone A D C#m F#m So listen to me now as I try to say Bm E A-F#m That all I want is you today CODA Bm(pause) E(pause) (do the outro) All I want is you today
Outro: Guitar1: A-D 2x Bm-E-A~ (all pause) Guitar2: e|-----7---------------7-------------7h8-7-5-------------------| B|--5----5-7-9~---5-5----5-7-9~---5-----------8-8/10-10/12-8---| G|--------------------------------------------------------(12)-| D|-------------------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------|
“that’s all, I made this tab for my maKULET na BESTFRIEND!, I also dedicate to her…=j hi Aiél! Miss n kta…=j… bka kac mghanap ka ng chords nito eh wla sa net kya ginawan na lang kita… sana nman ngandhan k po s song…=j luv u bstfrnd! Godblez! =j *pki-rate naman kung cno man mkakita nito… tnx!
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