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From: Rick L 
Subject: CRD:  Jesus In 3/4 Time    J.D.Souther    Lyrics/Chords

J.D. Souther     Jesus In 3/4 Time       written by  J.D. Souther

G                Am           C           D
If I gave you my blessing and bid you goodby
    C            D          G            C  G
And something is holding me down
G         Am             C            D
Once I was baptized but  that was all right
C          D          G            C        G
Now If I  just can be found
Em          D     C         G   Em     Cm                D
Living with Jesus day after day nobody lives quite that way
C                    G                     A                    D
Blessed insurance is one thing to know and another to sing in a song
D        G            Am    C            D
Well the family possessions passed on to me
C         D         G          C           G
No longer fit in my hands
G          Am     C           D
Once I was saved that one was free
       C               D            G
I'd be pleased to know just where I stand
Em         D     C        G         Em     A                 D
Living for Jesus making it pay well nobody lives quite that long

SOLO    C    G    A    C   D

G          Am           C        D    C            D          G
Once I was baptized but now I am free singing that new gospel song
G       C          D          G
Singing higher and higher and higher

  From John David Souther
  Asylum Records 1972
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