Southern Culture On The Skids – Walk Like A Camel tab

I swear Southern Culture on the Skids is a real band, this was their only hit,
and it didn't even do that well, but do a search on Walk Like A Camel on any
search engine and you will find the bands name.

“Walk Like A Camel” by Southern culture in the skids
tabbed by Al Nennig (
Cool song, pretty easy too.

|--------------------------------------------------------------- |--------------------------------------------------------------- |---4-4-------------------------------4-4----------------------- |--------5-4---4-4------------------------5-4---4-4------------- |-2----------2----------------------2----------2---------------- |-------------------2b3b2b3b2-----------------------2b3b2b3b2—-- ^here you bend to make it go up to 3, not moving your finger off of fret 2.
Play 4 times|-----------------------|----------------------- |-----------------------|-4-4--7--4-4--2-2-2-2-2|-2-2--5--2-4--0-0-0-0-0|-----------------------
Play once|---------------------------------------|---------------------------------------|---------------------------------------|----------------2-----2-----2----------|----------------0--5--0--5--0--5--3--5-|-------------------3-----3-----3--1--3-
From here, you just start over at the top. Thats the whole song. Enjoy.
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