Southfm - My Sanity chords

My Sanity

Transcribed from the Letters That Were Never Sent (Circa Drama Kids) (album?).

Tuned Down a half Step

This song is very easy and only uses 4 chords.e--0--0--0--0--]b--0--0--0--0--]g--1--2--4--5--]d--2--2--4--5--]a--2--0--2--3--]E--0--x--x--x--]
ESo let me have my sanity, because I'm not the same.
ASince I lost my mind and from this moment on
Ewe will talk in turns. We will walk in lines,
Awe will bide our time. Making ourselves well
Ejust across the sky. Underneath the waves,
in between the hours of our darkest days.
C B A EWe will greet the space in arms of loving grace.
E ACan I get through to you? In my silent way.
Before you lose your mind, before you become me.
A EBefore we become one, before we lose the sun,
A Ein the silent calm. Because I'm not the same.
EAnd you will never know.
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