Space – Avenging Angels tab

Avenging Angels - by Space
Power chords:
   D      F#m    F      Bb   D      F#m    F      A
Guitar Riff (played over the power chords...) Dsus2 F#mish F6 Asus4e:--------0-----------0----------0-----------0-----|B:-----------3-----------3----------3-----------3--|G:-----2-----------2-----------2----------2--------|x2D:--0-----------4-----------3----------2-----------|A:-------------------------------------------------|E:-------------------------------------------------|D F#m F Bb D F#m F ACaaaaall-ing aaaall avenging "angels angels kick-ass angels" x2
Verse:------ Dm C+sus4e:------------1------------------------------|--|B:---------3-----3-------------------0-------|--|G:------2-----------2-------------1-----1----|x2|D:---0-----------------0-------2-----------2-|--|A:--------------------------3----------------|--|E:-------------------------------------------|--|
Bb Ge:--1-----------------1-----3--------------3----|B:--3-----------------3-----3--------------3----|G:--3-----------------3-----4--------------4----|D:--3-----------------3-----5--------------5----|A:--1--1--1--1--1--1--1-----5--------------5----| <-these are playedE:--------------------------3--3--3--3--3--3--3-| <-by the bass has you in its sight ..has you in its sight
Dm C+sus4 Vengeance you know it tastes so good, Dm C+sus4 Vengeance is as cold as ice, Bb When it has you in its sight, G When it has you in its sight Chorus: ------- D F#m F Bb D F#m F A Caaaaall-ing aaaall avenging "angels angels kick-ass angels" D F#m F Bb D F#m F A Caaaaall-ing aaaall avenging "angels angels kick-ass angels" Verse 2: same chords as verse 1 -------- You can give a call to Scotland Yard Send for help from the FBI But they won't stop a bomb going up, With only seconds on the clock Chorus: same ------- Break: ------ A (barre) G Angels, oh angels, here to brighten up my darkest day, Bb A When I'm just about to do the dirty deed you rescue me, rescue me Bb ->power chords (see below) Re-hescue me Ending: ------- Power Chords x2: with intro riff D F#m F A ¦ D F#m F A D F#m F A ¦ D F#m F A Chorus: ------- End with power chords and xylophone in the backround... Chords: ------- D x00323 or x57775 Dsus2 x00320 F#m 244222 F 133211 A 002220 or 577655 -> A barre Asus4 002230 Bb 113331 or 688766 Dm x00231 C+sus4 032130
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