Space - One O Clock tab

					Space - 1 o'clock


D	Gm	Gm	D

Em	A


Once upon a time I committed a crime

I didn`t do it, I didn`t do it

25 Years in a mask of iron

I didn`t do it, I didn`t do it


Em	 G			D
But if I said I done it for the time

	       Dsus4 D  Em
That you never gave  to me

		      G		            A      D/A   A
Such a silly thing to say I done it for the time


D	      Gm		       D
	Im so tired, I gave you all my time

(D)		Gm			D	Em	A
	Sick of trying, what a waste of time

(repeat verse, bridge and chorus)


Dm   A  (repeated)

A	Bb 	C 	Bb 	(Spanish bit)

(Back to bridge then Chorus to fade)

Easy huh?  Once you know the chords the actual technical(?) parts are easy.
This is my first entry so if I get it in OK I`ll put a full TAB version in
aswell as a note perfect "Me and You Versus the World".
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