Sparks The Rescue - Hello Mexico tab

okay so this is my first tab, i did it by ear and watching acoustic youtube videos of the band
 so its not 100% but i think it sounds fine
better played on acoustic

x=mute string

Tuning: Standard

[I'm gonna walk straight down to the telephone wires cause thats where your parents live
;were gonna talk and get this shit out of our heads you know words are sedatives;
speak loud, speak soft,speak anything you want,
 just dont use your tongue against me]

e|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--1------------1-----------3---------1----------------------------------------|G|--2------------0-----------4---------2----------------------------------------|D|--3------------2-----------5---------2--------[repeat throughout all verses]--|A|--3------------3-----------5--------------------------------------------------|E|---x------------x-----------x-------------------------------------------------|
pre-chorus [im feeling your blue skies through an overcast of clouds, and i know that youre the weather now]
Chorus: same as verses [oh mexico, instead were drinking margaritas in the snow, as the world you know it slowly falls apart, oh my calico, you know i say we go too fast to take it slow, is it hard with such a heavy heart] so thats basically it, i dont know the faster part at the end yet but ill figure it out and put it up! hope this helps someone!
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